Friday, 29 July 2016


Just cut off flowers on rocket and picked first beetroot, brought in three stems of rhubarb, each a couple of feet long (25cm). The rhubarb is chopped and put in the bottom of the Aga with a dash of water and sugar - gently stewing.

Have dead-headed the pinks and then found this small corpse no heavier than a feather. It is a willow warbler (chiffchaffs have darker legs.) It probably flew into a window.

Mowed the lawns today, Monday, and only had one small accident when I fell backwards through a small fence down into the poppy bed - only my pride hurt.
R has weeded the asparagus bed and it looks pristine.

No more sightings of the brown rat but the tree rats are back on the peanut feeder.
Today is Tuesday, morning rain so off to the gym followed by a cappuccino in the hotel lounge. Mine tastes odd and of soap, the drink is curdled so I take it back. I am told that they must have not washed out the coffee machine properly and give me another - no apology or anything.
Home via supermarket and I take the blue bins, one for glass and cans, one for paper, down to the gate in the wheelbarrow. They will back the lorry up to the house for the wheelie bin but not for the small boxes - can't get me 'ead 'round it.

The Bushnell Cam is working well now - several videos of me mowing!
No mowing today as the grass is sodden so out to photograph some of our flowers.

Cosmos  Abutilon
Agapanthus  Delphiniumm
Astrantia  Lychnis coronaria
Japanese Anemone  Crocosmia Lucifer
Day Lily  Hydrangea Annabelle

The hydrangea by the back door has enormous heads and as it has been raining they are bowed to the ground.

The redcurrants are pruned and the raspberry old canes removed and new ones tied in. Then I looked across the lawn and noticed we have lost one of out white birches - dead as can be I think - one moment you are up and then you are down.

I have sheared off half the chives so they can regenerate top give us fresh leaves and done the same with the sweet williams - saving seed which I have sown immediately in a small area nearby. As the latter are biennial we can get flowers next years if I sow straight away.

It is raining, no the sun is out, no it is raining - weather is like politics at the moment!


  1. You do so much work you put me to shame.

  2. Actually I spend most of my time doing anything else - anything else!