Saturday, 2 July 2016


Unfurling fern crozier - another example of Fibonacci numbers in nature?

The more one looks into flowers the more one realises the hold mathematics has on the natural world.  There are optimum ways of arranging things and so many are Fibonacci. Modern Maths I hear a cry - well no - Leonardo Of Pisa wrote about it in 1202!
Next time you pick up a pine cone look at it - you are holding a Fibonacci sequence in your hand.

It is almost 4 pm on the last day in June and I walked down the garden. A ginger tail was disappearing by the redcurrants, tipped in white. Then the animal turned and looked at me, did a double take and ran up into the wood. I had put up a young, sleek dog fox - cheeky as usual.

So what's the weather doing? What's it not doing!

So here are a load of sunny pics! Starting with this juvenile missile thrush sitting on the shed pretending to be a target for the sparrow hawk. Some of the birds are really gormless - the swallows sit outside our bedroom window on the gutter edge and ignore us, only a few feet away on the other side of the glass.

More white flowers, well shrubs - Viburnum mariesii left and a deutzia to the right.
Having said that yje green of the alchemilla is stunning and a great asset in the garden.

Then there is the half hardy but seemingly indestructible fuchsia which dies right back in the autumn and then erupt in colour in the late spring.

We have a view from the upper garden of our local monument - a replica of the Eddystone lighthouse on Hoad Hill above Ulverston. It is lit up now at night - not as a lighthouse being inland. It is a memorial to Sir John Barrow sometime Secretary to the Admiralty and responsible for the deaths of many brave explorers. (Heresy!!)

On Flickr I found an image entitled 'Turbulent Air'. At first I thought it might be a reference to D Trump but then I realised it said Air not Hair - and was of wild clouds.

R bought me a cam for my birthday to put in the wood and record passing animals and things. Perhaps here next to the little boy by the tree would be good?

I have had a birthday (70 for me) and four days later R has her birthday so I am unlikely to forget her one. Trouble is every year I get a year older and she stays resolutely at 21. 

Another grey squirrel in the trap - and another hanging upside down on the peanut feeder. And I have been unable to get the sit on mower out due to the wet grass but managed the smaller one on some of the garden. And it is not only wet it is cold - the temperature struggling to reach 15C.

It is time to go to town but really, after too much muesli for breakfast, I would prefer a nap - when I have only been awake for an hour or so.

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