Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Out scything under the Bramley apple to get rid of the long grass so I can see fallen apples. Also cut the sides of the paths in the wood, fed the plants in pots and the roses to give them a boost.

Just mown most of lawn and the bottom area by the hedge is very boggy. I think the ditch/stream by the hedge is blocked so lots of muddy fun coming up. In fact have scythed most of the hedge ditch side now and cleared the stream - water coming up from under the lawn, not from the ditch.

So I put the Bushnell Camera near the rat trap and this morning, when I looked out of the window, the trap was shut. There was nothing in it and it was upside down. So to download the videos - 156 of them! There were lots of pigeons and chaffinches and A CAT in the night. It tried to get to the bait but the trap shut on its neck and it had trouble getting free. Nothing else - and then I accidentally deleted the lot so here we go again.

My sis in law gave me a thermometer for my birthday but it is useless - keeps showing low temperatures when I want it to be hot. Talking of hot I do like the pelargoniums in the pot on the paving and the "hot" red of their flowers. This contrasts with the cool blue of the agapanthus.

Contrasts are always good in the garden - like the Crocosmia lucifer planted by the wall beyond the white birches.

At the moment P and C are here. Today I took C around the garden and he was surprised by the size of everything - especially the eucalyptus. It is great to have them stay - always a delight.

 On the left is the rhubarb bed in front of the asparagus bed, both thriving. The blue bag has the last of the Monty Don potatoes. On the right are red currants and raspberries, now pruned and tied in for next year.

I have also trimmed the magnolia grandiflora as it was encroaching on the upper path and cut back the Rambling Rector Rose as it is getting out of hand - again.

 Not all colour is in flowers - these are the young shoots and leaves of copper beech in the mixed beech hedge.

The main path has a moss problem - probably because of poor drainage and the wet cool climate. More work needed I think.

This afternoon R and I sat outside the kitchen in the sun and soaked in the view, mug of tea in hand and crossword on knee.

That was yesterday - raining now, washing out getting wet, cock pheasant set off rat trap, C and P going - we will miss them.
We have had a book title for the blog so now a song title - Every time you go away etc etc. Children - you rear them, they leave you, come back from time to time, but, you know, every time they go again it's a bit like a new bereavement!

Obviously time to go out and wield the scythe with vicious abandon (except it is raining, soft soaking Cumbria mizzle)(so I think I will stay in.)
Cup of tea?

And for the next three weeks virtually the whole of the three BBC channels is Olympics! A change from football and tennis and golf I suppose. Please can I have some of my licence fee back?

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