Thursday, 8 September 2016

BIRDS, FRUIT, PATHS AND GYMNASTICS (amongst other stuff)

So somebody has finally found a possible connection between Diesel particulates and ill health - Dementia - surprise, surprise. Is plastic next?

It must be tough eating upside down.
The squirrels seem to manage hanging by one foot. If I tried that I would hit the ground hard.
The heron is only a infrequent visitor at the present and flies off at the slightest movement, even inside the house.
Last night R and I listened at our window as a tawny owl and a young fledgling kee-wicked at one another in the tree only feet from the house.

I have just power washed all the paving and it looks good - will look better when repointed. It has finally stopped raining and I hope the grass will dry a bit.

The garden has all sorts of fruit - yes the usual plums and apples but also courgettes doing too well this year and so are the rose hips - lots of itching powder. Just break one open and stuff the contents down your enemy's back.

Colour blasts still exist like the montbretia (crocosmia) and the pelargoniums.

Picking plums is becoming a nightmare - running the gauntlet of the gorging wasps.
The apple tree has not yet fallen over but I worry as the weight of the fruit increases. As you can see it is propped up with a couple of poles. The strawberry bed is now tidied, old straw removed, leaves cut back and runners removed. I have not saved any new plants this year from those runners. We should get some new growth before the winter.

And to mention paths - I have cut back the day lilies to reveal the path from the house down to the bottom path - and the bottom path has had the moss removed - a laborious job with an old shovel.

I am now waiting for the borehole man to change the filter as it is a bit yucky - the heavy rains have washed some particles into the supple - nothing dangerous just a bit brown.

And he has been and I still do not have a clue what he was talking about with regard to timing and pressures and stuff.
Mowed the lawn in a window of dryness - well, in the air - the lawn is a quagmire now criss-crossed with tyre tracks.

To emphasise the state of the garden - just went down to the veg beds - two courgettes, four sweet pea flower stems (good for this year), apples coming off in  the hand when lifted (thus ripe) and the last of the plums - and then - Olympic Gymnasts be envious - a back flip and slide down the lawn. The surface made ice look grippy. I stood up and fell down again so edged to a  better surface and escaped.

The state of the grass is atrocious and there is nothing I can do (but move to the Nevada Desert).

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  1. Itching powder? You wouldn`t? (Would you?)
    I am still enjoying the blog and joining the battle with moss on the drive and patios.Two applications with P----magic have not lived up to expectations. Bleach seems to be the only thing but even that is short term.