Saturday, 3 September 2016


The courgettes are marrows, the plums are turning into wasps and the apples doing their best to bring down their tree but on the greengage we have one solitary fruit - or rather had - been out this morning and nowhere to be seen.

This flower is Ammi - an umbellifer R likes in flower arrangements (or if I do it a load of flowers stuffed in a vase.) It is an annual so needs sowing every year.

Just been to the pond and noticed the big sycamore has ivy going up it - will need to deal with that. Many of the trees in the garden - at least the older ones - are ivied. This is a good natural habitat but could bring the tree down one day.

We have three main hydrangeas and they are all doing well though Annabelle falls down with the rain - the heads become too heavy. 

The lace cap up at the woodland fringe likes the partial shade and tumbles over the upper lawn grass. From up there we can see the Sir John Barrow Monument on Hoad Hill above the town - a replica of the Eddystone Lighthouse.

Many flowers are doing well - the thug - orange day lily - gaudy and difficult to place as usual and the gentler and preferable yellow on that flowered first earlier in the year.

 It is time for the shrub roses to bloom again and they are coming on well.

Especially Emma Hamilton - blowsy and heavily scented - a bit like a boudoir of thorns.

The rosa rugosa is in full hip, a few pink or white flowers left but now bursting with fruit.

Been away a few days in the south and come back to rain (nothing very unusual in that). I have not yet been into the garden as it is still raining and I am a bit wimpy.

We have brought back three Gaura plants my son-in-law gave us from his quiet area at the Boom Town Festival. If it dries up I will put them in the garden - somewhere.

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