Tuesday, 18 October 2016


I know autumn is here. As I sweep back the bedroom curtains I am greeted by a golden sunrise over Ingleborough. The world is going into wind down, preparing itself for winter and the short dark days.

So to colours starting with green, the most common hue in the garden. (The pear is like a brick!)

Followed by foliage -

And the cherries are starting to turn, so far just the top leaves but more to come.
R and I are recovering from our holiday in Croatia, detoxing, losing weight and getting some rest and sleep!

There are blues, oranges and reds as we get a second flush of flowering. The rose given to us by A and P on the shed is doing well as I continually dead head it.

Whites are important in the garden, especially as the days shorten and darkness crawls in.

The Michaelmas daisies have exploded with flowers, feverfew has started to come again and the delicate ammi lights up dark corners including the table in the hall.

I have mown all the lawns, albeit with the small mower on mulch, trimming the top of the grass ready for slowdown.

Outside the kitchen the abutilon is thriving and full of flowers.

The apples are falling from the tree - Bramleys - baked three today, cored and stuffed with dates and honey, sprinkled with demerara sugar and baked with a gill of water for 45 minutes at about 180C.

Then we had no custard - disaster? Used yoghurt but not as good?

The leaves are really coming off the ash trees now, here we go.

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  1. Much appreciated. Hoping to do some painting before the weather breaks completely.