Monday, 24 October 2016


So there I was, with a shopping bag fixed to the end of a rake, trying to pick apples high up in the tree when one of the dislodged fruit missed the bag.
It was at this moment that I had an Isaac Newton moment - that gravity is stronger then I expected and that big Bramley apples are harder.
I still have a little eggy bump in the centre of my forehead.

Talking of heads - I have tried to submit a passport photo online - what a mess. Nothing is right and then they tell me my eyes are closed. Actually I have slightly hooded lids. So to be able to get a passport I will need plastic surgery for my saggy old face.

So I nip off for a day or so to play the worst round of golf I have ever played and whilst I am away the garden is awash with wildlife - cats (of course), grey squirrels, foxes and now badgers!
Double click on arrow in centre then arrow bottom left -

Made some bread and could not understand why it did not rise - until I looked at the Use By Date on the yeast - 2008! Think it may have ben past its best. The other tin of yeast I had used was old too which explains the rather solid loaves we have been eating. Using new yeast it overproved and stuck to everything - the bowl, tin, me - but the bread tastes much better.

I am shot at - just mown the long grass on the steep banking below the house - toads and frogs all over the place. R weeding and dead heading and stuff.

Having said that here are still delights in the garden - backlit Cosmos -

Red flowers and autumn foliage,

and fruit - big apples and one ripe fig - Brown Turkey.

I can hear the half shoulder of lamb sizzling in the oven, mint sauce and red jelly at the ready, time to go for now.


  1. Reading your post made me chuckle. Hopefully no more apples will attack you