Tuesday, 8 November 2016


What a wonderful device - got myself a cordless Stihl blower - 20 minutes and all the top paths clear of leaves - and fun too - much better than a rake - it took half a day!

This was what one of the paths looked like before I got to work and then after and electric puff . . . . . . . . . . . .

Cannot do much in garden since back kicked off on Monday afternoon - still R is out there hacking back. 
Managed to dig up first and last of carrots - total weight 50 grams - cannot grow them for toffee. (Now there's a thought - healthier than toffee apples, toffee carrots.)

The fieldfares and redwing are back from Scandinavia - winter is nigh. There are still some apples on the tree.

Still colour in the garden as per the lace-cap hydrangea and poppy below.

Picked a vase full of flowers for the house.

And animal life may be hard to see in itself but the consequences are here in the lawn and wood, come in from the fields.
T' mowdywarps are digging again.

And a last look at leaves yesterday - wind arrived last night stripping the branches. The Hanky tree (Davidia involucrata) on the right, given to us by my brother and his wife, has yet to have hankies but its autumn colour is good.

Finally put out this blog as been in bed with Womanflu - not mild enough for Manflu. So apart from R doing stuff garden ignored.