Sunday, 4 December 2016


Grey wagtail hunting on the lily pads, big black carrion crow sitting in the big ash watching me as I walk up the garden, chaffinch with a diseased foot under the feeders where the squirrel is stealing peanuts - it is all on the go today.
I put the camera on the useless plastic heron by the pond in an attempt to capture something other than a black cat or grey squirrel. In the end all I got was a black and white cat and myself doing a final light mow of the lawns.

Here is the result of some pruning - see the last blog - a light clip unlike what R the assassin does when she gets the shears in her hands.

Signs of frost everywhere - ice on the pond, roads slippery, colours in the crystals.

This is a mid morning shot from one of our bedroom windows before the lawns were tidied - blue frost in the shadows.

Of course the wildlife plods on, eating and surviving, though this robin better watch out or the rat will get it.

So the official winter is here - at least according to the Met Office - December begins 3 months of winter.
R is steadily cutting back dead stuff, the lawns are done for the duration, we are still having flowers in the house - mainly calendulas and roses. 
All in all the last two weeks have been very dry, only the dampness from frosts, no rain. Last year we were flooded everywhere - a storm called Desmond (at least they could have called it something more appropriate like Armageddon or Gomorrah!)

Just watched Now Voyager with Bette Davis - don't make weepies like that any more.
(And trap out for ratty. What I do if I catch him/her/both I don't know - lack the killer instinct.)(Probably just as well as I was a doctor.)
Actually came home and I had caught something in the trap - a robin!

Clearing old nasturtiums, it is always amazing how many seeds there are. These I save for next year but may just self sow.
Much to do as the weather forecast says rain is on its way for next Wednesday.

But for now cold night on the way - this was taken at 3.45 this afternoon.

Woodburner lit, central heating on, still have cold hands and feet.
Summer can't come soon enough.


  1. Disposing of `Nasties` after trapping is always a problem. Hope you catch them though.
    Thank you again for the `Blog.`