Friday, 19 May 2017


Off to the Pheasant strutters' ball?

It is not only flowers that give colour to the garden, albeit shades of green - Crambe, astrantia and cardoon here.

Then there are the fruit flowers, some as the strawberry brighter than the red and black currant. The gooseberries are already growing.

Some plants in the garden just grow and grow like this spectacular phormium given to us by PJR when we moved. It flowers every year now but soon will block the path.

Down by the pond the Kingcup, Marsh marigold, Caltha palustris, whatever has glowed in a dark corner under the hedge and in the house the Calla lilies are out.

So a mowing and a weeding ands a watering - especially the strawberries.

A fox comes up to the camera at night, sees the light and moves away - only watch the first few seconds as it does not come back.

Up the garden the blue bells are now starting to go over. In amongst the blue ones are several white flowers.

The Royal fern is unrolling its fronds as are the other ferns in the hedge bank.

All in all the garden is bursting at the seams again, a delight.

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  1. The best timein the garden. Hope fulfille and promise of more.