Friday, 23 June 2017


Is the latest fragrance after I got covered in mud moving arrowhead and flowering rush. R decided the could not see enough clear water from her shed.
This is the rush on the right.
In the garden there are many white flowers, so important - the deutzia and philadelphus are in full bloom and here are some others beginning with the water lily.

Others include the rather invasive but beautiful white willow herb in the upper banking jungle, a white campanula much loved by R,

the pink Mrs Sinkins and the Rambling Rector rose cascading out of the great ash tree.

There is also the shrub rose William Shakespeare on the left and the crambe on the right by the back path.

So who else has been to the garden - how about Reynard the fox. (Might be Mrs Reynard though.)

Back to Eau de Pond - here is a puddle in a mass of mud - a sort of pond, the digging out not complete. I have now chucked in some plants from the bottom pond.
You can see the move pond on the right in this shot of the far top garden, dark in the wood and damp. The gap straight ahead between the trees was made when I removed the shrubs referred to in a previous blog.

The lower far garden shows the birches, a compost heap on the left and the line of the stream - must scythe the sides soon.

One flower R loves is the Rosa Mundi, When I pruned it in the autumn I stuck three bits in a corner of the cutting bed and voila - they have all rooted.

I must now go the the plumbing merchant as I have broken the en suite lavatory seat! Ah! Back to the fundamentals of life.

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  1. `Love the general scene of birches etc., Thankyou.