Saturday, 18 September 2010


The birds on the feeders behave so differently.
The blue tits are fearless and sit in the bush whilst I refill with seed.

The coal tits arrive, grab a seed and fly off - presumably to bury them.
Tit hierarchy is topped by the great tits who muscle their way in shoving the smaller birds out of the way.

The chaffinches just sit and eat unless a greenfinch comes along and bullies them out of the way. They, of course give way to the bullfinch.

Meanwhile the pigeons and collared doves wander about on the ground with blackbirds, thrushes, dunnocks and again chaffinches.

In the distance a buzzard is being attacked by a rook as it tries to gain height. It has come too near to the rookery. Soon other black shapes rise to annoy the slowly circling bird.

This morning, just after I got up, I looked down on the garden to see a grey squirrel on the lawn. It ran into the field hedge and climbed a hazel. There it took several nuts, presumably stuffing its cheek pouches, and then descended back to the lawn and proceeded to bury them. This was repeated several times.

Believe it or not it is raining again.

I have tied plastic bags to two of the main stems of the wild plum in the bottom hedge in the hope that they will be left when the man comes in the autumn to lay it.

So - what do I do with now too large perennials apart from divide and replant?

I have a mind to shove them in the rougher grass on the banking and let them fend for themselves.

The thought of more flowerbed to weed is too tiring.

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