Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Just sitting at the computer and looked out of the window - usual birds and then saw a grey wagtail under the feeders. Such a delicate pretty bird with its grey back and flash of bright yellow.
Camera was in car so no picture.

I used to draw odd birds as shown here.

Not brilliant but I think you can tell what they are.

We have a large branch down in the wood after all the rain and gales - the last 36 hours have been very wet and rather wild.

The day I go out and buy a chain saw is approaching.
I am not a machinery man - they always seem to malfunction with me. Well, that is not really true, it is just that I get in a tizzy when they do - no patience.

I have just read in the paper that if women eat a lot of watercress it reduces their chances of breast cancer.
We could sell our stream full - we have both the wild and cultivated varieties growing in the garden - and save the female world - except they might all get liver flukes!

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