Wednesday, 1 September 2010


In our garden, outside the kitchen door,
we have a duck, a flying duck which chimes rather than quacks.It was a present from my son C. and had chuckled away for a few years when the wind blows.

Just below that, standing on the paving is our dog
who nods in the wind and also falls over when it is very gusty.

Now, recently other structures have been appearing in the garden due to J. staying with us.

This is our new bridge.
The individual poles are about six feet long and he, aged four, dragged them down from the wood at the top of the garden.

He did not use it as a dry way across but spent most of the day in the stream fully clothed !).
I assumed that this "bridge" would be used as a new crossing of the stream.

I was wrong. Quite clearly this structure is a bed!

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