Thursday, 30 September 2010


And the rain it raineth every day - well not quite every day, the sun is shining now.

But - it feels like it is wet all the time.
Even if the rain is not falling the grass is sodden.

And the leaves are going autumnal - these belong to our Hanky Tree (Davidia).

The ash trees - last to leave and early to go - are yellowing, the conker is also on its way out as are the beech.
The last fruit has fallen off the fig - I have just trodden on it by mistake.

In then veg garden the caterpillars are still chomping on the broccoli. I do dislike the squish of a squashed small white caterpillar. I just throw the bugger stuff as far as possible.
Some of the leeks are bolting which gives the centre of the plant a hard flower stem.
The parsley by the sweet peas has competed well with the flowers five feet off the ground. It is the flat-leaved variety.

In the hedge the rowan and the guelder rose - seen here
- are bearing a load of fruit.

The haws on the quickthorn down the track are abundant. This is supposed to mean a cold winter.
I am sure the small birds had enough last year.

I saw a report in the paper today that 50% of the gardens in the RSPB survey showed the presence of hedgehogs. I am sure we have an ideal environment for them but ne'er a one have I spied.

If I keep typing long enough I can avoid having to plant the huge sack of daffodils which has arrived.

Time for another cuppa.

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