Tuesday, 21 September 2010


At the start there was bare earth, the lid over the borehole and the septic tank.

It is spring 2007 the journey began and tentative lines of stones were put down to delineate possible flower beds and paths formed simply where we walked.

The horse manure heap waited and a few small plants had their roots out in the soil.

One or two small trees and shrubs - some given to me the year before as 60th birthday presents - were planted - most had survived over the winter either in pots or heeled in at our rented house.

The owl tree was still standing - see next blog - and the far end of the garden was boggy - the new course of the stream had yet to be dug which helped drain the land. There was no mowing - in fact I did not yet have a mower. All I had was the strimmer to try and keep the jungle at bay and clear areas for development.

Three and a half years on much of the summer and autumn is for mowing and maintenance and winter will have to be the time for new bridges and other developments in the garden.

At least it will keep me warm in the cold days to come.

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