Friday, 24 September 2010


No, not the bee stuff but the fungus stuff.

Not Fungus the Bogeyman but Fungus the Treekiller.

The first picture shows the ash tree where the tawny owls used to sit at dusk waiting to hunt. They would sit on a branch about twelve feet off the ground and hunker against the trunk.

Then the tree died.

So we called in
the tree surgeons and they demolished the tree, chopped what they could into logs for the fire and shredded the rest - MISTAKE!!!

We managed to spread the dreaded stuff all over the place. Fortunately, so far, no other tree has succumbed but we had to burn the log pile as it was infested with the bootlace hyphae of the Honeyfungus.

Actually the toadstools of this fungus are edible!

Young ones sliced and fried in butter with some gentle herbs.

Mind you - have not tried it - even though eating such an enemy would give satisfaction.

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