Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Despite the weather warnings it has been a lovely sunny day and SAT! in the garden in the sun after lunch out.

The view across the Bay was wonderful.

Over the rolling fields and the green trees, over the sands of Morecambe Bay and the sea to - Heysham Nuclear Power Station.
Well, one cannot have everything, just hope the wind is from the north if it goes up.

I remember 1957 and the Sellafield chimney fire - we lived near Torver and the milk from our cows was poured down the drain for several months. Dad was given a geiger counter by the Government or someone - very hush hush - and measured the milk daily. In the end we were almost the first local farm to be declared problem free.

Enough of the past - looking down the garden
it is interesting to see varieties of plants.

The three types of loosetrife - the yellow flowers earlier in the year and, thinking about it, may have succumbed the the Wendy House. By the pond are both the wild purple and the pink variety. Though the photographs do not show it, currently the paler version is actually more vigorous. This is not usually the case for the wild versions a most often the stronger.
In fact the wild version is growing in the hedge bank down in the village but I suspect that this is an escape.

So I have done little in the garden today - no I tell an untruth - I have done nothing in the garden today but show friends around and shown them my giant marrow and two large pumpkins.

Make of that what you will!

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