Sunday, 5 September 2010


So R was looking out of the kitchen window when a large wisteria leaf shot across the paving and disappeared down a hole by one of the green oak posts.

We waited.

Then this appeared!

One of our Wood Mice.

When we first came to The Nook - our first visit we were taken to one of the wells and the lid was carefully lifted. The well was insulated with polystyrene sheeting and under the top layer was a well formed wood mouse nest. Mice scattered in all directions as light poured in.
Unfortunately there were also a couple of dead mice in the well itself.
Unsurprisingly we decided not to drink the water.

Mowing today after night rain.

First off to Flookburgh to collect scaffolding planks for the garden.
I seem to have an inexhaustible need for them - edgings for veg beds and paths, for bridges over the stream.

Only one picture today - but a cracker!

Back twenty minutes later - there are two mice - getting ready for a cold winter.

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