Friday, 17 September 2010


Every year if possible, weather ok and motivation adequate, we go to the Li'le Royal - The Lowick and District Agricultural Show at Lowick Bridge. In fact the first time I went I was so small I had not yet learned to put on my own nappies!

The event is on the first Saturday in September and this year the weather was sunny and dry. The view from the current showground over the church to the Coniston Fells was spectacular.

Whilst we were there we saw Alpacas.
Now, when I moan about cutting and strimming grass, (have just mown the lawns), certain people have suggested - Get a goat!

There is, naturally, a snag here. Goats eat everything - well, they would eat most of my veg and herbaceous plants.
After the show the suggestion has changed to - Get an Alapaca!
Trouble is - same problem?

What really excites me at these shows are the children's exhibits - gardens and farmyards on a plate and animals made from vegetables.

This is a cracker and won first prize.

One satisfactory item was the prize marrow - mine is much bigger!

This afternoon I began to dig and prepare an area by the Wendy House as a flower bed.
R has been given a rose and I bought an enormous Fatsia in B&Q - name appropriate? - for just £15. The man on the checkout till was quite envious.

Just an afterthought - how did the little boy who won the prize get those fruit and vegetables to balance like that?
Almost an Andy Goldsworthy!

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