Wednesday, 22 September 2010


I thought I would let all know how the pumpkin (one of 3) and the marrow (was a courgette) are getting on.

I went into the garden, without wellies as I was standing in the stream weaving willows yesterday when I realised I really do need some new ones as my right wellie was full of cold water, and took these photos.

I used a one euro piece for scale as this was the only thing I had I had in my pocket.

I know - 'Why has he got a 1 euro piece in his pocket in the wilds of Cumbria?" - well it is used by me as a ball marker on the green at golf.

The leaves are starting to age badly on the pumpkin so
further growth may be limited.
However, I do not want to strain my back lifting it.

The only quandary that remains is to decide when is a butternut squash ripe. There are about half a dozen but all fairly small. In the end I will just have to go for it and cut open a likely candidate. If ripe it will be back to the soup making again.

Tomorrow - the clematis that does not climb, should not be pruned and is sweetly scented.

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