Saturday, 4 September 2010


Yesterday I was Strimming!!
Golf in morning, strimming in the afternoon.

The problem is - today - Lowick Agricultural Show in morning and raking off the strimmings in the afternoon. This is much harder work than just strimming.
Now have backache!

To the garden - and at the show there was a large
winning pumpkin - but not as big as mine!

One of my courgettes
- it was a courgette yesterday - is now a marrow!

They grow overnight - makes you wonder which garden gnome is secretly feeding them.

There are early butternut
squashes and chillies so I hope that they will swell and ripen successfully - then recipe books out!

And we have a second ripe fig
- with the sunny weather.

My daughter gave me a great recipe -
split fig, insert chunk of dark chocolate, put in oven till chocolate melted and Voila!

We also have a tree in the hedge at the bottom of the garden which has decided to bear small red
plums. I think it is a variety called prunus cerasus or cerasifera - whichever it is a first record for this locality! On eating they start as a sweet plum but do have a slightly bitter aftertaste.

I hope they are not poisono......

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