Saturday, 25 September 2010


This is a flying blog as grandchildren J and W are here.

Two items of caution come first - a friend was trimming his son's hedge when the leg of the ladder sank into the soil throwing him to the ground.
The consequence is a fractured rib and a punctured lung and a hospital stay.
Don't suppose it will change anything.
As we get older we will still be up ladders painting, changing bulbs and so on.

By all means be cautious with drink and food and saturated fat and inertia and wrinkles .... but not ability - we don't give in to that so easily - unless we have to.
I am sure he will be better soon but it is a painful injury and we wish him well.

Caution two involves chillies.

We are told to avoid rubbing eyes after handling chillies but yesterday was chopping some green chillies which were drying near the Aga - see the photo.

Then I went for a pee!

Now I have a chillied willy! I tell you it burns!!

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