Saturday, 16 April 2011


So I left Manchester with the wise advice to take it easy for a few weeks.

So I mowed all the lawns today.
'Stuff this,' I thought, (pardon my language), and did the lot. It ain't gonna get me and I'm going to get fit. Of course I tweaked my left shoulder shifting some logs but that is another problem.

R weeded womanfully and has now retired to the seclusion of the Wendy House, laptop in hand.

Some gardening chat - we have two types of Skimmia in the garden -
male and female. You don't get berries on one without the other - though I have yet to see any berries at all.
I think the top one is the male.

They are planted under the bird feeders outside the kitchen doors and seem happy and survive the thousands of tiny birdfeet - and big birdfeet - pigeons and pheasants traipsing around hoping for a seedfall.

It is easy to forget that you have planted some things and get a surprise when they appear. This is a lovely small creamy-white anemone which I discovered near the sundial. (Yes, I have changed the dial for summer time.)

I have a pint glass beside me filled with what looks like vodka.

But it is only water - fortunately!

ps. Gillie, R obtained a large bag of hair from her hairdresser so we can get to grips with the moles. (see Blog Sunday 20th March.)

And finally, yesterday saw our first swallow, today our first honey bee.
The winter is over.

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