Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Here is proof of the asparagus - more spears every day.
The paper says that dandelions are 3 weeks early - also the asparagus.

A neighbour says that the swallows always arrive here on the 12th of April - but nothing yet so they are late.

Now home from Manchester for good, (I hope), and blossom everywhere.

Some daffodils are over and some not yet, notably the narcissi - this one, I think is Narcissus Jetfire.

The long trumpets and recurved petals put it in Class VI - yes they have classes as I have just discovered in my huge RHS garden flower guide.

On the way back from Manchester we just manage to get to the Carnforth turn off before deciding that quiet roads are of the essence and then a little something (as Pooh would say) as, whatever time it is, it is elevenses time by Beetham Garden Centre.
But, though the quality of the plants is high, so are the prices.

All we leave with is a comfortable feeling in the tum.

Now to more important matters - rhubarb -
which is growing well and I have had to deflower it severely!?

Rosey had picked some for her pud tonight though I will have to wait - diet stuff and all that.

The lawns need mowing, amongst another 1000 jobs, and it is due to rain tomorrow.

I will just have to resign myself to not doing it - how sad!! -
(:-))= - this is me lying on my side in bed, asleep, smiling, for I do not have to go down that Motorway again for a while.

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