Thursday, 28 April 2011


Drought is upon us, the stream is but a distant memory with its tumbling plashing (poetic word!) waters.

Tonight I water the garden - good thing we have our own borehole.

We have an area of rough grass near the pond which needed the hated strimmer - so I had a wheeze! I set the mower on its highest level and voila! With a bit of effort it worked. The mower is, however not so good on the steep bank - I set off gingerly and then run after it.

R has been weedding - now there is a Freudian slip - what a misspelling the day before the you-know-what.

I have prepared the veg beds and started the first sowings of beetroot, turnip, lettuce, spring onion and pardonsnips (as R's father always said). Lawns are mown to the summer setting now.

We are very excited as last night the house was being investigated as a nestbuilding site by, not just swallows, but also house martins.

The other birds are frantic with one (or two) coal tits flying back and forth between the feeders and the hedge in the far corner of the garden. This is near where the bonfire was and I have started to make a firepit with a log seat surround - potatoes and sausages in the ashes later in the year?

Then to the tragedy of a small blue tit found
by the side of the road at Newland. It had obviously been hit by a car.

This brings me to windfarms - tortuously - and the damage they are doing to bird populations - especially big birds. This brings me to the fact that the world plague - humans - and population - something politicians never mention - is out of control - hobby horse - we cannot live in harmony with each other let alone the rest of the species on the planet.

I remember seeing somewhere - cannot recall where - that the ideal population for the British Isles was about 25 million, maximum. Then we could be relatively self sufficient and live in balance with our ecology. There are those who think the perfect human population of these islands - for all other species - is zero.

They may have a point there.

Now, where did I put that weedkiller.

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