Wednesday, 13 April 2011


So much going on so some pictures - from the wood, the primrose banking and blossom and flowers.

Quince blossom, The Great White Cherry,
something blue and golden
alyssum, Conference pear, a
view of the spring garden and the house and Wendy House from the far wood where the bluebells are beginning and the Primrose banking.
R divides them every year and replants so it gets more and more spectacular.

The quince was given to us by Dorothy R when we first came and has never failed to flower.
One pear last year so we want no frost now to stop fruit forming.

Wallflowers are self-sown in various places and some are three to four years old - I know they get woody but still bloom and smell as good.

The blue thing, I think, is Veronica prostrata - prostrata!

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