Sunday, 10 April 2011


The weather is warm and the garden is bursting forth. Chiffchaffs are exhausting themselves, the tits are in the nest boxes and a blackbird is throwing liquid notes from a tree.

Up in the ash wood there is a clump of hawthorn, (May), and one or two young hazels. I have been clearing the lower branches away to above head height.
The photos show before and after.
Now we can see a scattering of dog violets amongst the ground growth which were hidden before.
We have both the common and the pale version.
Welcome to the land of the human pincushion - I know, I should wear tough gloves.

The cherry blossom is wonderful - this is the Prunus Shirotae.

We also have a Prunus Taihaku - the Great White Cherry of Japan.

R. has been labouring under a rhododendron bush removing brambles and willowherb.

Off to Manchester tomorrow again but only two 'phaser' doses to go - no, Dr Spock was a paediatrician and he had normal eyebrows.

I seem to have lost my way, where was I?

Right - so much to do and not enough time - such is the way of the gardener. Do I envy those with three square metres of lawn, (note the use of metric measurement - now the modern man), - no.

And the title of this blog - Browning, (not gravy), Home thoughts from abroad -
'Oh! to be in England now that April's there,
April is a sultry girl with lots of sun blonde hair - and so on.'

Back soon.

I hope!

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