Friday, 1 April 2011


Why this title - it may have something to do with being in Manchester all week, it may be that I have just read a biography of John Denver.
This is an image of a rhubarb forcing pot from the Lost Gardens at Heligan.
Reason for placing it here - no idea - just liked the sculptural shape - Oh! And the
rhubarb is up and running and R has picked some so, so will she soon - I am now on a low residue diet so cannot have any - too dangerous?

On Wednesday went to Tatton Park in light rain - the place was empty but there were loads of good forcing pots so beware - more photos to come. The asparagus was coming through in their vegetable garden - no sign here - very early.

Came back this lunchtime and regretted not buying some large box plants at Ikea - special offer last week - £5 each.

Everything is coming up - even the roses - and this plant which I think is - no am not sure - it is where the variegated loosetrife was last year but I do not remember it being pink - watch this space for further developments.

Pheasants are lovely to see in the garden but they produce enormous - you know - just waiting for an unwary foot.

That will stop me traipsing around the paving in socks!

So - the title - well it is just that despite all the attractions of big smokes (not a la Withnail) (though . . . ) I would much rather be in the country, in my garden, sitting in April in a shower of birdsong.

So Poetic!


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