Thursday, 29 June 2017


Came back from Herefordshire (5 1/2 hour drive) and had to nip out and mow the lawn before rain after the brief sunshine that was probably our summer.

So another year under my belt (at least not hanging over it!)

R has just watched the mallard duck walk down the garden from the back field to the pond with two ducklings, both quite big. We think they have been reared on the old mill pond about four hundred yards away and she has brought them to us for breakfast. 

The pheasants, as usual started the year with more than one chick - two this year, but now none - could be fox but more likely a cat - number one predator in the garden.

I have been scything the path sides as the grass was leaning over and after rain making walking very unpleasant.

We have picked our first gooseberries but the damsons look disappointing and the strawberries very poor. As far as the currants and raspberries go it is the usual battle with the blackbirds and thrushes.

The squirrel trap continues to work but only to catch yet another angry jay. I watch the birds come and go, mainly tits, sparrows and finches like these goldfinches.

I have given PB yet more stuff from our pond (and covered myself in mud collecting it.)
The rambling rector rose is stunning but now the main colour in the garden comes from the alchemilla (Lady's Mantle).

The wild dog roses are flourishing, not as dramatic as the garden varieties but lovely nevertheless.

 Down by the pond the earlier red candelabra primulas have given way to Primula vera - the yellow one. This also is self seeding by the stream.

All in all the garden is looking good - the house full of flowers - alstroemerias, pinks and so on.

 The new delphiniums have survived slugs and snails and the dry banking is a mass of germaniums and grey foliage - interspersed with self sown foxgloves.

It is a bit late but I have ordered some netting in a last attempt to at least have a few currants for the freezer. 

The top wood is looking good - here a bit earlier in the year with the Hawthorn in flower.

And who says we do not grow some exciting plants in the garden - like these poppies!

It was too cold last night I put on the bed socks M gave me for Christmas! It is June, nearly July and the temperature yesterday struggled to 13C though was only 11.5C most of the day. At least the new netting came - just have to go out in the steady rain now to cover the soggy fruit.

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