Saturday, 13 April 2019


R and the cherries.

Had a discussion with E at the weekend re Spanish and our native bluebell, about the cross hybridisation occurring. We have over 50% of the world's British bluebell population and it is much more delicate and beautiful than its chunky relative. E had a wood full of glorious blue but a few clumps of the foreign invaders. I suspect that hybridisation may have already occurred to a small extent. 

One trouble is that our bluebells are tough and self sow in flowerbeds - in fact can become a weed - so dig them up and replant in the woodland? As for the Spanish variety 💀.
Wednesday and more moving manure, sowing carrots and parsnips, mizuna and dill. Courgettes, squashes and sweet peas sown in pots in the shed.

Thursday and a sharp frost. Moorhen and Drake on the pond. I say to R that I do not know if it is Frankie or Charlie. She asks who is Frankie - she knows Charlie for when he was on the tv years ago in Mick and Montmorency. I explain - and am told I am too obscure - I mean! Sir Francis Drake.

The cherry trees are magnificent as are the damsons. The weeping silver pear is in flower as is the amelanchier.

The builders have mentioned that the scaffolding a will be coming down soon. No more skips behind the daffodils.

Frost nightly at the moment - not good news for the damsons but the tulips do not seem to mind blasting out their colour. I will have too get some new Madame Le Fevre though as the old ones are under two feet of concrete and rubble.

The magnolia stellata is splendid, even when I look out of the window and see a sparrowhawk sitting in it six feet from the window.

All the veg beds are dug now, and first broad bean through. The forcing pot is off the rhubarb - not now needed - and the first asparagus tips have broken the soil. I have even had a small bonfire as everything is so dry.

We are promised that the scaffolding comes down next week 😀

 So I promised more cherry pics and here you are -


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  2. Love that pic of the magnolia stellata. It is gorgeous. That last pic would make a great all occasion/spring/easter card.