Friday, 28 February 2020


It is snowing, no it is not, yes it is, no it is raining, the sun is shining, it is hailing . . .
Well the snow fell and then melted giving us floods which tried to wash away the track to the house.
And it its cold with a brisk wind but enough of the weather - yes definitely enough.

We have a new woodshed courtesy of Dawid who has done all sorts of jobs about the place (and I do not have to do them.)

We have frogspawn, the signs on the way into town to beware of toads crossing are up and we met an Ent at Lowick on a walk.

The ducks are resting on the shed roof and Mr Pheasant is prowling the lawns - no sign of his other half.

The Gardeners wife has had her baby but no sign of him yet. My youngest son has moved house and I attacked a holly tree he did not want. At this year we have a plethora of birthdays so happy birthday everyone.

You have had pics of all sorts of flowers so here are some lesser celandines. The mahonia and flowering currant are already out and the buds on the cherries are fattening up. The spring is here earlier again, I can only assume that good old awful climate change is responsible.

It could be possible that Corvid-19, China's latest export, will get the blogger one day but hopes that it will wipe out the human race and save the planet seem unlikely. (It might cancel the Olympic Games - R is in hope, or even football - even bigger hope.)

Daffs are sprouting everywhere - even unexpected places like this box ball in a post - I had forgotten they were there.
Last year the temperature was in the twenties, now just a biting north west wind.

The rhubarb is coming on nicely -

Nearly four o'clock and time to make R a cup of tea, and light the fire. 
Must get some more logs now I have a nearly empty shed (then have the joy of stacking them).

I suppose an absent Prime Minister is better than one always in one's face?
It seems a sad comment on US politics that the Democrats are struggling to find a good contender for the Presidency. 

I have a snuffly nose. I wonder if I could get myself quarantined in a nice 5 star hotel for a fortnight?


  1. New Baby daffs are blooming now. I went back & checked records for the last couple of years & this is the earliest they have ever bloomed. They are almost 3 weeks ahead.

    1. I am very concerned that Trump will be reelected.

  2. Let the flowerpots take up less space in your garden.