Monday, 20 December 2010


Snow on snow on snow - a bleak but beautiful winter. All work on hedging, gardening and so on ceases.

Lots of spade work but one cannot "borrow" too much salt from the bin in the road - after all it is not really for personal use - is it!?

Paper lady stuck halfway up to house, R stuck trying to turn without "giving it a bit of Welly"! Or boot if that is what you are wearing.

An inventive mind is at work at the Nook trying to devise snow ploughs by fitting a "V" shaped wooden piece - 2 planks - to the front of the mower - the wheels spin and spin, a large plank on the front of the rake - gathers too much snow so too heavy to push, or perhaps I should borrow G.J.'s leaf blower as the snow is dry and powdery.

To end here's another picture of the Cumbrian Woodcock (not Scotch). Actually thinking of the cold and Scotch brings something else to mind - see you later - Cheers!

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