Friday, 10 December 2010


Got up this morning to find it had rained overnight, not frozen but thawed and 5 inches of snow was all but gone. A little still in the shade and where it had been ice but that was all.


I have all these pictures of The Nook in snow and so you are going to get them now!
I know - this is a clearing house blog but there it is.

I will just go and chop a few thawing logs for the wood burner whilst you trawl through these.

More to come -

I have also been to the shed to look at the defrosted plants delivered whilst under freeze etc. Potted on what I could and temporarily potted the echinaceas and agapanthus. I will await developments if any but I am often surprised by the toughness of some plants.

Just read January's - yes January - copy of English Garden. Lots about Gresgarth Hall - Arabella Lennox-Boyd - and opening times. A must if we can. I wish we had lots of gardeners and things - mainly things!

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