Tuesday, 7 December 2010


The photograph of the fox tracks was poor and now we have 3 inches more snow. It is a good job we went shopping yesterday,
Friends are skiing up to us for coffee!

I do have a picture of rabbit tracks though - you would think
they would be safely and warmly tucked in their burrows.

Outside is a winter wonderland with every twig and blade of grass outlined in snow - WARNING! there will pictures to follow.

Family were here at the weekend sledging and so on - the braver ones on a plastic sack (very fast) - and the snowman still has his carrot for a nose.

The forecast is for sun later so the camera is on tenterhooks.

This rather poor image of a Brambling is the best I could get
as they insisted on hiding behind the buddleia by the feeders.
Nevertheless it is proof they are here.

We were planning a shopping trip later today as Christmas approaches but we will have to sit by the fire and read instead.

What a shame.

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